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What’s Life Like Without Plastic Bags?

What’s life like without plastic bags?

Didn’t the banning of single-use plastic bags by supermarkets cause a drama? I admit I joined in. I was thinking I’d be constantly forgetting to bring my reusable bags with me to the shops and have to be buying new ones all the time. Or I’d bring too many, or not enough. That I’d be having to get new ones all the time because the ones I had would be breaking. So how is life without plastic bags these days?

Reuseable vegie bags

Once it all happened, and bags were banned I discovered nothing really changed. I almost always remembered to bring my reusable bags to the shops. If I forget them it isn’t that big a deal to put everything back in the shopping trolley and pack everything when I got to the car. Keeping them in the car isn’t hard either. It’s easy to pack the bags up and put them by the door so I can pop them in the car when I next go outside.

I’ve even started to get a little judgey when I see people with loads of the .15 cent bags. But I’m trying to stop that. I don’t know them…I don’t know their story!

Easy Peasy

In fact it’s been such an easy transition that I bought a set of reusable fruit and veg bags instead of using the transparent plastic bags that the supermarkets supply. These I love! So easy to use, keeps things fresher apparently and really easy to clean.

Reusable bag with onions

I still have heaps of plastic bags leftover which we all use as small rubbish bags for little bins around the house. It was one of the main reasons I disliked the idea of getting rid of the bags as they weren’t single use bags for me. I would reuse them as much as I could. They were so handy for use as rubbish bags, travel bags for dirty clothes and perfect when going to the beach or pool. I’m not sure what I’ll do when these situations come up and I’ve run out of plastic bags. I guess that’ll be an update in the future.

So Final Thoughts Areā€¦

All in all the change over to reusable bags for shopping has been pretty seamless for me. It feels natural now to go to the boot and get out my bags before heading into the supermarket. I’m leaning towards preferring the plastic cooler bags for cold items and hemp bags which I heard were the most eco-friendly ones to get.

In fact life without plastic bags has been so easy I’ve been looking into other ways to stop using plastic around the house. I’ve been eyeing off metal straws to try soon. Stay tuned.

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